Wildlife Sketches - Limited Edition Prints by David Dancey-Wood

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All about David

David Dancey-WoodSomebody once said, "Art can best be described as an expression of self, the heart of life, and the soul of being." If the passion exuded by David Dancey-Wood when bringing subjects from the animal kingdom to his world of fine art is any judge, those words have true meaning. David's work is not excellent because he loves art; it is excellent because his art comes from within - a passion for wildlife, which goes back to his earliest childhood memories of crocodiles and turtles.  

Crocodiles. Fearless, ferocious, and stealth-like in their day-to-day activity. Above all, they are masters of survival and longevity, attributes, which might both fascinate and frighten a small boy. So it was with David, whose earliest memories of wildlife are born out of the excitement of visiting reptile enclosures at zoos - mesmerised by these fearsome creatures. Perhaps it was the excitement of those early encounters, which caused him to develop a passion for turtles - the more tranquil lifestyle and aquatic gracefulness of the turtle, acting as an antidote to contrast the aggression of its more regaled reptilian neighbour.  

David Dancey-WoodAn exponent of fine art, David shares his passion and considerable skills with us through a combined medium of pencil and paper and his unique style. He attained academic recognition for his craft in Dorset, where he spent four years studying at the Bournemouth and Poole Faculty of Art and Design. His resume since graduation is equally as impressive with Time/Life, The Disney Corporation, Microsoft Encarta and the Eastern and Orient Express, having all availed themselves of David's talent and passion. As an illustrator for these international institutions, he received much critical acclaim, where his drawings often dominated the accompanying text.

From his birthplace in the West Country city of Bristol, to his home in the Southern county of Dorset, where he lives with his family in Bournemouth, David has travelled on voyages of discovery to all points in between. As a result, David's work is exhibited internationally as well as in the United Kingdom. You should not be surprised to see his art displayed in such far-flung locations as Australia or South America.  

David Dancey-WoodDespite commitment and devotion to his work and family, he still finds time to support numerous conservation projects and also works closely with wildlife rescue centres and charities, where his creative talent has helped to bring awareness of ecological and wildlife dangers to light. His work has supported the cause of wildlife preservation organizations from Jersey to Rwanda and he is also the art consultant to the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.    

In the virtual world of Gigabits and megapixels, David's art is almost photographic in appearance. However, in the real world of papyrus and graphite, his art is quite exquisite, managing to bring to life his wildlife subjects and their distinctive traits and nuances, as only a camera can, until now that is. Incidentally, you can't help but wonder if his wildlife subjects actually pose for him!   

Without doubt, David Dancey-Wood's real talent lies within, and it comes from the passion, which describes him, his heart, and his being.

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